pfpmd is a place where you can anonymously discuss computer related topics such as programming, computer science, math, AI, IT, etc.
Posts with the following content (or links to such content) will be deleted:
  • sharing CP (including fictional one) or asking to share CP, human trafficking, selling drugs, guns
Posts with the following content might be deleted:
  • a huge number of posts created automatically in a short period of time aka wipe
  • posts created with intention to disrupt communication between other users
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```lang code```
Code block. Lang is optional.
Chat CLI
changes your colors
shows help
shows settings
/<board> <description>
changes the description of the board (except /cht/)
/<board>/<thread> <text>
posts to the thread
/<board>[<subject>] <text>
creates a new thread
I see there're a chat and a chat thread. Are they the same thing?
I don't like this user interface.
Try another one. There are three of them. If you prefer less white space between ui elements, you can enable the compact theme in the settings.
Is javascript required to use this website?
No if you use /ui3/. Other interfaces require javascript.
How do I attach an image?
Upload it to imgur.com, then right-click the image and select "Copy Image Link" to get its url (it must end with a file extension e.g. https://i.imgur.com/bK5ZF1U.jpeg — this will work, https://imgur.com/gallery/0fXBM — this won't work). Then just paste this url anywhere in your post. Also images from twitter are supported and thumbnails from some video hosting sites (check the settings in the menu.)
All of my settings are lost after restarting Tor Browser. It's inconvenient to restore them manually every time. Is there an easier way?
Yes, use export/import buttons.
This board is full of shitposts. Will you clean it?
No unless they break the rules. It's hard to define objectively what "shitpost" means. You can set your own filters in the settings to hide posts you don't like (it's not supported in /ui3/ because this feature requires javascript, however you can write your own userscript and implement it.) E.g. you can hide all posts that include some offensive words. To write your own filters, you have to know (at least to some degree) how to write regular expressions. Also, if you're the OP of a thread, you can hide any post in it.
Can I delete/edit my post? Can I delete my thread?
I don't know anything about programming, can I discuss something else here?
Yes unless it breaks the rules.
I'd like to write my own client. Is there any api?
Yes, api is described in /swagger/.
Will you drop any user interface in the future?
No, all of them will continue to exist. However, /ui2/ most likely won't get new features.
Which software this board uses?
It uses its own software (GPLv3 License.) Backend is written in Rust. Frontend is written in pure javascript without dependencies (except code highlighting and KaTeX which are disabled by default.)
How old is this board/chat?
It exists since 2015-03-13.
Will it be suddenly closed like many other boards?
No, I don't have any plans to close it and I'm not going to suddenly change my mind. Even if there's no any activity for a very long period of time, I won't close it.
If you're looking for the old ui, it's here: /ui2/
API documentation: /swagger/
pfpmd server source code: pfpmd_server_latest.7z
Daily pfpmd db backup: pfpmd_db.backup
pfpmd ui source code: pfpmd_ui_latest.7z
pfpmd ui2 source code: pfpmd_ui2_latest.7z
pfpmd ui3 source code: pfpmd_ui3_latest.7z
pfpmd client: pfpmd_client_latest.7z pfpmd client db: pfpmd_client_db.7z
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